Digital Media and Music Services for your label

More services for your record label, This services help to maximize your access to the music market.

Pro Layouts


With Promotion service, you can build campaigns, manage campaigns, promote your music then compile your own detailed reports.

Create a unique and distinct design that will capture attention and increase your fan base.

Whit Promotion service simplifies the process of organizing, planning and sending your promotional campaigns at an affordable price.
You can customize our elegant promo page and email template to match the color and branding you desire, add a logo for a unique feel and if you wish to, upload a custom header to each campaign to give it its own identity.

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Piracy Protect

We are associated with audiolock, company leader in the protection against piracy, with preferential prices for our customers.

AudioLock provides producers, record labels, artists, DJ's and digital download stores with the most cost-effective, rapid and accurate way to protect their releases from digital piracy and maximise revenue.

More info about protect your music.

* This service is carried out by an external company and has preferential price for customers of Level Distribution.

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Graphic Design

For all Record Labels, Bands and Artists a website is a must-have tool to be able to promote your brand, your music and talent.
Your website can be used as a resource for referring potential promoters, record labels and fans.

We are here to help you either redesign your website, the websites are designed from the ground up specifically for the needs of an independent record company or artist.

* This service is carried out by an external company and has preferential price for customers of Level Distribution.

Location targeting

Beatport Store

Some stores impose strict vetting polices when deciding whether they should sell a labels music or not.

We work closely with these stores, we know exactly what their requirements are and we therefore work with and advise our labels to ensure they have the best chance of being accepted.

We can put your label on Beatport Store without creating application documents (and at the main EDM stores worldwide), your record labels only needs a Soundcloud account where they can hear part of the catalog of your record label.

Fan incentives


Upgrade the quality of your sounds.

Level Distribution provides audio mastering at a price accessible for all.

Our mastering service is created to solve problems of sound quality, for a small fee per track we will raise the quality of your music with the work of our sound engineers in charge of you´re projects.

After confirming the payment, the work will be done in 4 business days...

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