You get 60 to 90% of the incoming sales revenue. Review a detailed royalty statement at the end of every month.

You can get real insight into just how your music is selling well in all of our partner stores.

Visitor Analytics
Pro Layouts

Daily Sales

View your daily sales on all major download and streaming services to drive promotional actions. Search by track, album or territory.

Schedule Emails

Detailed Report

You receive your quarterly statement from us whit detailed information of sales as a territory, store, track, artist etc.

Import mailing lists

Easy Information Export

Easily export sales information from your record label for its artists, remixes, etc.

Location targeting

Worldwide Sales Collection

Quarterly sales will collect all the stores worldwide to consolidate into one payment to you.

Fan incentives

Precise Sales Location

With our detailed reporting and daily sales statistics you will know where the sale took place specified of your catalog.