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Statements & Royalties

No Setup Fees or Hidden Charges
We provide transparency with our pricing which means no setup fees or hidden costs. We pride ourselves on consistently offering the most competitive commission rates with unprecedented levels of help, advice, service and features.
Daily Sales Reporting
As soon as your release hits the stores, we have the most comprehensive Daily Sales reporting system ready for you to use. You can get a real insight into just how well your music is selling. Updated daily, this tool will enable you to report on the performance of individual releases, labels, artists, stores and in some cases country.
Release / tracks prices on stores
Each store has its own set of pricing. In our platform we suggest a price, the final determination to respect the suggested retail price is finally determined by each store.
Payment method
Paypal (mainly), Bank Transfer.
We can send your royalties via PayPal, International Bank Transfer or Moneygram. We pay all invoices received from our clients within 3 days which is a refreshing change from the industry policy of 45 days.
Statements & Royalties
The stores notify us of your sales in all manner of ways so we take all of this information and provide it to you in one easy to read statement. We will send you a royalty statement at the end of every quarter for all of the royalties we have collected from the stores on your behalf. We clearly show you what we collected, what commission we have deducted and what we will be paying to you.

When you receive your monthly statement from us you can login to our platform and inform us where we should pay your royalties to. We can send your royalties via PayPal, International Bank Transfer. We typically pay all royalties to our clients within 3 days of receiving a request for payment.
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